Are you invisible to the recruiters ?

Innovation in technology is changing the world as we know about it. Nevertheless, whether it’s for the better is a long way from being clearly valid; in any case, we must integrate it in our work to keep up with it and we ought to change.

Today recruitment is not only limited to Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter. Having a social presence is the need of the hour, showcasing what you have done, or what you can do with the skillsets you have is what matters most. Definitely, through these groups, the recruiter can get connected to many prospective candidates who are in the market and waiting for the right opportunity.

Searching resumes matching the job profile can be done through google resume search, indeed resume search or seek talent search. While resume predominantly explains what’s your role, project experience, skillsets, etc.  It might be trickier to find candidates on some sites because people don’t always include their jobs and skills on their profiles. But, as a recruiter, using Boolean search operators with the keywords help to get the closest match to what you are looking. Using specific skills sets and location, education, current, and past jobs and interests.

Online presence of your work, network and endorsements are equally important. Your social network, LinkedIn, Facebook and meetups described the sort of people you have worked with and outlines your experience. Ensure your Linkedin profile has “Open to opportunity” option on, so that recruiters can find you. Ensure your contact details are up to date and keep an eye on LinkedIn invites and respond to them timely.

Talking about AI:

There are so many resumes that need to be tailor-made for every job. Thus, the recruiter has to scan through them to find the exact match to the job posted. Manually screening still plays a major role in the recruiter’s job. However, apart from manual screening, recruitment specialists have started to utilize technology to make their recruitment process simpler, quicker, and better. Today, AI is the new theme for recruitments. The role of AI is to improve the quality of hiring by matching the candidate’s skills, knowledge and experience to the role in question. It has also proven to be quite cost-effective.

There are platforms where a specific tech community where they can showcase their work and projects related information for others to learn and get connected. Like Github–a place for developers, where they can manage projects, host codes, build software etc. Their details are updated with their names, email address, employer, website etc: The recruiter has to just type in the details he is looking for and there is a big list of the work uploaded to the date.

Whereas Stackoverflow is a question-answer site for professionals to get connected to their work. So basically, the person who is answering these questions on codes etc is also being noticed making him proficient and getting up-votes in the job he does.

Also increasingly employers are asking for online technical assessment tests. This helps the selection and recruitment process easier and quicker.

Even though Recruiters and hiring managers will do their best to keep you posted about your application status, the candidate should also do a timely follow up to ensure the recruiters understand their interest.

If things don’t go your way, there is always the next time. But this will also give you an opportunity to improve your social presence.

I would like to hear from you on your journey to seeking your dream job and also on how you prepare for your job hunts.

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