Happy Holidays !!

Christmas is around the corner and this lovely year is coming to an end. What a year this has been… We had amazing time working with you in different capacities… your Talent Partners, career coach and helping you find your next job.

At Zone IT, We literately tripped our local Talent team this year and got some amazing people working with us, who share same passion for technology and people as we do.

We take pride in our Client focused delivery. Our Clients love the fact that we are always willing to help and work with their business/project circumstances to bring the best for them. For us it’s never about filling a position, but its about addressing strategic business drivers, while ensuring efficiency and value. And we can’t thank our client enough for their kind support and trust throughout.

On technology side, we witnessed rise and strong business confidence in Cloud solutions and Internet of things(IoT) getting serious.

Big data getting bigger and mobile is on everyone’s mind.

We learned and tried to keep up with Technology disruption and demand for these new skills and career changes. And guess what, we did a darn good job ?

We are super excited for new year and wanna be there for you, when you need supporting hands. Your business and your careers are utmost import to us. We will do our best with our humble support to get you where you wanna be.

So buckle up and enjoy the ride through new year with us. This is going to be another awesome year !!

Don’t forget to make most of this these holidays to recharge and cherish what matters the most.. your families, friends and yourself.

Have an awesome holidays !! Can’t wait to see you in next year.

If you are looking to start on your new role then feel free to drop us a line at careers@zoneitsolutions.com and we will love to have share on what’s happening in our world.

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