If your Resourcing Partner is still a Cost Center ? It’s time to change !!

I have spend number of years managing high performing Talent for Business house and I find myself in a very interesting situation with my current role working as Account Manager for Consulting and Talent Management company.

Challenges of managing or attracting Talent is ever so critical. Social media, Technology opportunities(or disruption), virtual teams, mature offshore models and strong focus on ROI, has changed the way, we manage Talent, internally and with potential employees/contractors.

Attracting potential and new talent is critical for success of any technology driven project. We need new skills in combination for shorter period, with even short notice for on boarding( most of time) of Consultants.

While Internal HR can cover core business and ongoing Talent needs, but sourcing for specialized talent could be daunting task. and here is why:

  • Job boards are popular but not everyone looks up Seek to find a new job. The ones seek job, when they will apply for anything (pun intended)
  • LinkedIn is great but it’s difficult to navigate through puzzles and guess games to find a real job opportunity
  • Corporate Career Portal, well lets say they often fall short of modern need
  • Referrals: have limited reach and often there is not enough incentive for referees to dial in all their friends.

Does this mean, Business is forced to pay sky high cost to agencies, per day per consultant for months/years…. well 10 years back that could have been only available option. But today is different, we bend the rules and do unthinkable.

Resourcing As Services is changing the way we engage with business. Resourcing Services is not about adding cost to the company, but creating value and saving for the organization. You get the Best of the lot, When you need and Price you will be happy to pay. How we do it? well its no magic. Combination a strong understanding of Project Resource Planning, a strong well engaged consulting network, Schedule planning and truck load of trust and good faith.

No two Organizations are the same, so how do you know this will work for you? Well we have a simple answer, Ask  and you will never go back to old ways of managing your recruitment needs.

For more on how we can help email us at careers@zoneitsolutions.com or simply message me for details.

We are here to help.

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