Shilpa Khanduja

Recruitment Consultant

Summary of your experience:

I am a Passionate IT Recruitment Specialist with an overall Experience of 10 years in various departments of Human Resource including Recruitment, Payroll, Technical Recruiting, Benefits Negotiation, Public Relations, and Administration across Australia and India. I am an IT graduate and Masters in HR and spent over 5 years of experience in end to end Recruitment Process. I am an innovative thinker driving for continuous improvement & looking at how to create efficiency in recruitment and hiring

Your current role with Zone IT and areas of focus

You're a current role with Zone IT and areas of focus:

I am currently working as an IT Recruitment Consultant at Zone IT Solutions. I enjoy recruiting for Cloud technologies, Microsoft Dynamics and Sharepoint.

Personal hobbies, interesting facts, achievements, and passion:

One of my hobbies is I love to travel because not only it gives the ultimate adventure but it also exposes you to new types of people, different ways of living, and opens up your mind. My passion is about helping people is very strong because I want to guide them through their needs and find the services that they are looking for with maintaining full confidentiality with their information. Always rewarded as Star Performer of the Month are my biggest achievements till now.