Recruitment Consultant

Summary of your experience:

A seasoned HR management professional with over 7 years of experience in recruitment in identifying talents, niche skills hiring, and Administration, managing modern HR systems in challenging & diverse environments across Australia & India. Having a passion for partnering with the executive suite of pioneering companies to understand and assess requirements. Contributed excellent end to end recruitment service in either an agency or in-house role with experience in e-recruitment processes, HR Administration & Coordination.

You're a current role with Zone IT and areas of focus:

I am and currently working as an IT Recruitment Consultant at Zone IT Solutions. I am passionate about Salesforce and CRM technologies

Personal hobbies, interesting facts, achievements, and passion:

Achieved highest standards of customer satisfaction for one of the Prestigious clients Philips by delivering a project of supplying appropriate candidates within a given time of 45 days for 8 positions on board. Love to connect with people of diversity. let's connect!!!!