Soumya Louis

Chief Talent Partner

Summary of your experience:

I am passionate about building relations and connecting with people, having meaningful conversations, and building trusted long-lasting relationships. I genuinely care about people and pride myself being in this career where my time and effort add value for another person, be it helping my candidates meet their career aspirations or providing help and support to ensure the success of our clients. A diverse background in IT, Administration, Public Relations, and Facilitation across Australia, US, UK, and India combined with an educational background in IT and Management, had always helped me in this process. This strengthens
my ability to build a long-term trusted business relationship.

I would love to speak with you if you are a technologist looking for work, or require technical resources for your enterprise team. Let’s connect on 0452528284.

Your current role with Zone IT and areas of focus

Responsible for managing the end-to-end Talent Acquisition process at Zone IT Solutions which involves sourcing, engaging, hiring, and retaining Australia’s best tech-talent to ensure quality and timely delivery for our clients. This involves attracting the right talent and matchmaking their skills to the right requirements, within the right timeframe to provide an efficient service to our clients while ensuring an enjoyable candidate experience.

Ensuring the best service to our clients through innovation, tailored strategies and quality delivery within the committed time makes us the trusted partners for the talent needs of our clients. Maintaining and building on these relations to ensure that we add value to our clients is one of the prime areas to focus on within this role.

This cannot be achieved without a supportive and collaborative team. At Zone IT, we retain our highly skilled team of recruiters through continual support and investment in their skills development, exposure to interesting & challenging work and recognizing achievements.

Mentoring and Nurturing our highly skilled team here becomes another dimension of this role.

My role also involves IT leadership hiring which is built on the strong foundation of a deep understanding of Engineering/IT Practices combined with an incredible track record of successful placements.

Our outcome-based approach combined with the human touch in whatever we do helps us provide the best service to Australia’s brightest and fastest-growing start-ups to globally recognized corporates.

Our generous approach towards our clients and candidates in providing advice and insights be it through some of our initiatives or day-to-day consultations sets us apart and makes us the service provider of their choice. We believe in sharing and we pay it forward, we’re not afraid of hard work and we love making things happen.

You're a current role with Zone IT and areas of focus:

Soumya is involved in end-to-end Talent Acquisition across Australia and Newzealand for Zone IT Solutions. Her area of focus ranges from finding the best match for Sales and leadership roles to technical roles. Based in Sydney location, she is an Account Manager and would love to speak with you if you are a technologist looking for work, or require technical resource for your enterprise team.

Personal hobbies, interesting facts, achievements, and passion:

Approachable and friendly, my biggest strength is my listening skills. I am a part of various groups and forums for helping new immigrants and women returning to work. Fun-loving and easy-going, I enjoy exploring new places, meeting new people and finding ways to help them have an uplifting experience. My talent is finding yours so let’s connect today!