Creative Design Services for your Business

We offers a comprehensive range of graphic design services for businesses and individuals.
We can provide everything from custom logo design and corporate branding services, to print and promotional design – working with clients in almost every industry imaginable.
our client base ranges from sole traders or business start-ups who need a logo professionally designed to get them off the ground, to established companies and non-profit organisations where large scale re-branding is needed.

Whatever the size of your graphic design project – Zone IT can help.

Logo Design

The foundation of your brand is your logo. Your website, packaging and promotional materials-all of which should integrate your logo-communicate your brand. A logo (also known as a mark, brand mark, trademark, wordmark, logotype, symbol, or brand icon) is a graphic or typographic mark that identifies your organization.

Mark, Brand Mark, Trademark, Wordmark, Logotype, Symbol, Brand Icon

Brand Identity

Your brand is not just a logo and color palette. It’s the visual and emotional representation of your company. It’s the impression you make and how you communicate without saying a word. We take a comprehensive approach in creating both tangible and intangible brand assets and seamlessly uniting all digital, print media into a cohesive identity.

Company Rebranding, Collateral Design, Branding Guidelines, Brand Consultation, Mobile & App Branding, Web Branding.

Print Design

We specializes in both traditional print design and graphic design services for the web. This dual approach has multiple benefits for you. Even online entrepreneurs need ready-for-print designs, for everything from their business cards to posters and flyers. I provide every print design service any large or small operation could need.

Business Card, Letterhaed, Envelopes, Compliment Slip, Company Brochure, Poster and Billboards, Flyer, Advertising, Illustrations

Promotional Design

For a company to succeed, it needs to attract customers and build new business opportunities. Having good customer service and high-quality products is important. You also need strong design to make it easier for customers to find you.

Think about some of the most popular brands you know — you probably know what their logos look like, right? This is thanks to promotional design. You know you’re doing it right when customers immediately recognize your brand without seeing the company name.

Packaging Design, Ephemera Design, Corporate Gifts, Business Advertising, Vehicle Livery Design, Presentation Sets, Promotional Gift Design, Merchandise Design, Branded Environments, Uniform Design & Clothing, Signage & Exhibition Design.

Social Media Design

When it comes to social media marketing (SMM), graphic design is a decisive part of an overall content strategy. No matter how great the text is, no one will notice it unless it’s accompanied with nice visuals to grab people’s attention in the middle of browsing.

Social Media Graphics, Coverpage, Wall/Web Advertisements, Storys, Animated GIFs, Motion Graphics, Short Motion Intro Videos and many more.

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