Security Testing Services

Our team of experienced Testers has helped a number of complex projects to mitigate security risks.

A penetration test is an authorized attempt to hack and gain access to an organization’s data assets. Its purpose is to identify vulnerabilities so that they are identified, and rectified before any potential cyber attack.

Our Penetration Testing simulates an attack on your IT systems. During the testing the team attempts to find and exploit vulnerabilities to determine what information and access are able to be gained. This is designed to mimic the actions of an attacker exploiting weaknesses in network security without the usual risks.

Zone IT Service Security Testing

Our Penetration testing services include:

  • Web application penetration testing.
  • Mobile application penetration testing.
  • Network and Infrastructure penetration testing.
  • Vulnerability scanning for web and networks.
  • Internal penetration testing.
  • External penetration testing.

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