Geetanjali Shintre

Recruitment Consultant

Summary of your experience:

I completed my M.Sc. in International Human Resources and Performance Management from SKEMA Business School, Paris. I am also an Engineering Graduate in Information Science. I consider myself a committed and trustworthy person. I am an optimist with a strong willingness and a positive attitude towards learning anything new.

Your current role with Zone IT and areas of focus

I am currently working as a Recruitment Consultant for Zone IT Solutions. My area of focus at
Zone IT Solutions are:
* Following the recruitment strategy.
* Sourcing and screening candidates by using databases, social media etc.
* Post classifieds to appropriate job boards related to IT requirements.
* Develop influential candidate relationships during the selection process.

You're a current role with Zone IT and areas of focus:

Personal hobbies, interesting facts, achievements, and passion:

My hobbies include strategic games like Sudoku and Monopoly which help me think strategically for the next move. I am passionate about science as it keeps me curious about everything around which is quite
challenging but has always been beneficial to society.