Gender Parity at Workplace

Gender Parity at Workplace

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Wanted to put this together for long, and ever since the last International Women’s Day in March which had the #Balanceforbetter theme, was thinking to jot down a few lines on “Gender Parity”.

Gender Parity has come a long way and serious steps were taken to bridge the gap. During my career experience over the past decade, I have seen several social, corporate and federal initiatives in this regard, which were commendable.

The Australian Government is strongly committed to being at the forefront of efforts to empower women and girls and promote gender equality around the world. In 2015–16, Australia established the Gender Equality Fund ($55 million in 2019-20) to strengthen work on gender equality and women’s empowerment in the aid program.

Companies like EY has come up with initiatives like “Women Fast Forward” to engage their clients and communities to advance gender equality globally.

Global technology firms like TCS, HCL, Wipro, IBM, , Infosys and Deloitte, to name a few have come up with strong initiatives to address gender parity. This includes TCS’s renowned “GoIT Girls” program and programs like “‘ASCEND” and “stepping stones” initiated by HCL

Programs like Code Like a Girl, which is a social enterprise providing girls and women with the confidence, tools, knowledge and support to enter, and flourish, in the world of coding contributes to ensure gender parity is achieved.

There are various other initiatives like Females in Information Technology and Telecommunications [FITT] which is a not-for-profit network established in 1990 that encourages and supports women in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry and forums to encourage women in leadership, Women on boards,The Australian Business Women’s Network (Herbusiness) to name a few.

Still, we have a long way to go to bridge the gap. The January 2019 labour force statistics indicated that there are 5,983,900 women employed in Australia whereas the number of employed men in Australia is currently 6,767,900. When compared to the total population of Australia where women outnumber men by 50.2%, this raises a question of opportunities and flexibility provided at workplace to encourage more women to be a part of the workforce. Another important aspect being gender pay gap – the difference between women’s and men’s average weekly full-time equivalent earnings. Australia’s full-time gender pay gap is 14.1%. 

#Some interesting facts and figures#

#Food for thought# On average, Australian women have to work an extra 56 days a year to earn the same pay as men for doing the same work

In the present scenario, our customer’s dilemma would be how to bring the gender parity without compromising on quality. As a recruitment firm, we recently helped one of our major banking clients in filling one of the positions by sharing equal mix of profiles who were equally qualified for the same role.

Companies like HSBC, BBC, and Google are applying blind hiring practices in order to hire talented candidates from different backgrounds. Blind hiring can be extremely effective to create diversity in the workplace.

As they say, “it all starts within you” so what can we do,as individuals, to bring about this change:

  • Be open to possibilities and changes-make the conscious choice to grow from the pressure to evolve yourself to that next level.
  • Ask for more, aim higher – Never shy out from asking
  • Love what you do – look for opportunities closer to our interests and excel at them
  • Network – To empower yourself, collaborate don’t compete. Success is never a one man job. One of the smartest ways to move your mission forward is to network.Look for mentors and like minded people and work on your social skills.

Here at Zone IT apart from supporting our clients in the selection process as a recruitment agency we also have a few initiatives to encourage and engage communities and individuals. We have a “back to work” program initiated to encourage and support women in IT who had a career break and looking to join back workforce, by finding them suitable positions.

If you are looking out for your next opportunity,we  would love to hear from you. Follow our LinkedIn page for industry news and the latest job opportunities. Also, you can reach out to us at or call us  at 0468857408 or 0434189909.

Connect with us to share your thoughts, ideas or stories. Let’s stand together for a better balance, a better world.

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Guide to find the Ultimate Dream Job

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You spend hours and even days crafting the perfect CV, writing the ultimate cover letter, finding the perfect vacancy and applying for a dream job. Eventually days and months pass by with the entire job seeking process seeming daunting and overwhelming with no idea on what went wrong. But when you partner with the right recruiter, you are sorted for your next career move and the entire journey will seem positive and exciting. Recruitment is a human activity- its success relies heavily on relationship building to get the best possible outcome. An experienced recruiter can be your best advocate to the client representing your niche skillset, negotiating your expected compensation and proposing your fit for the project.

An Insider’s View

Many positions are not openly advertised by companies on their websites. Recruiters are well connected to hiring managers of reputed companies and are able to get those positions not open to the public. Since Hiring managers trust them to fill those unique roles with specific requirement, this liaison is reason enough for you to network with a Recruiter. Moreover, Recruiters can help you prepare for the interview by providing specific insights into the company objectives, expectations of the hiring manager and client partner alike.  They can provide interview tips before the big day to make you effective and provide detailed information about the project to ensure it is aligned with your career goals.

Establish a Rapport

A recruiter-candidate relationship doesn’t have to be completely formal and transactional. You can always inject a bit of fun and add a humanly touch to it. Personalise your introductions on LinkedIn than just sending a connection request. Conversations are most effective as recruiters are busy people. So pick up the phone, introduce yourself and explain how you are a good fit for the role they have just advertised. Don’t shy away from catching up over a quick coffee with your recruiter. This helps you to garner their attention, present yourself in the best possible way and ensure that they remember you for the next job opportunity that may arise. A recruiter-candidate relationship doesn’t have to be completely formal and transactional. You can always inject a bit of fun and add a humanly touch to it. Personalise your introductions on LinkedIn than just sending a connection request. Conversations are most effective as recruiters are busy people. So pick up the phone, introduce yourself and explain how you are a good fit for the role they have just advertised. Don’t shy away from catching up over a quick coffee with your recruiter. This helps you to garner their attention, present yourself in the best possible way and ensure that they remember you for the next job opportunity that may arise.

Don’t Burn your Bridges

Often times I have observed candidates cutting out all lines of communication from the recruiter after the initial interview or at the time of offer. The reasons vary from securing a new position elsewhere or no more finding the position enticing. Such ghosting creates an impression for the recruiter and Clients that you are no longer trustworthy. In the long run, this not only hampers your reputation as a job seeker but also sabotages your chances of getting any potential roles from the Recruiter. Keep your recruiter in the loop with any changes in your circumstances be it a holiday planned, changes in contact details or your job search situation. Consider recruiters as your long term trusted advisors and partners in career. They are as much invested in your career as you. They are the ones you can turn to anytime for an overview of the job market, salary insights, certifications in demand, latest technology trends and upskilling advice.

Having your Best Interest in Mind

After your initial application for a role, it might be frustrating to not hear back from a Recruiter or be left in the dark. But isnt it worth waiting for the best role than to be put forward for a mediocre one. Recruiters always have your best interest at heart and want to you to succeed as much as you do. They have a lot of background work to do from assessing your skills and experience to matching them to the Client’s requirements. It takes time for them to pitch you to the Client and get interviews scheduled. You need to be patient and trust them to find them the perfect job. You should know that Recruiters are always accessible on phone, emails and social media and reach out to them for any concerns. After all, the Recruitment process is all about balancing a candidate’s interests to a company’s needs and find the right people for the right role.

Reap the Benefits

The Recruitment and hiring process is one giant maze in which the candidates often get lost. When done alone, it will be difficult for a candidate to reach out to all the employers seeking a perfect fit for their company. With the help and support of a recruiter, it is easier to navigate through. By building a relationship with a recruiter, you gain insight into potential career opportunities and interim advice that can help you progress in your career. The greatest benefit of candidate-recruiter relationship is the candidate getting the right job and for the recruiter satisfying their candidates and clients alike.

A good candidate-recruiter relationship is not just about filling one particular position but a long-term partnership. Build and nurture that relationship for a perfect, satisfying and successful professional career. We at Zone IT Solutions are heavily invested in building candidate relationships, engaging them in the recruitment process and giving them the care they deserve. We believe in putting the human back in the hiring and recruitment process and establishing a sincere connection with candidates to fulfil their career needs. If you are an IT professional considering a move or exploring your options in the IT market, reach out to me today for a confidential chat on +61 432128752 or you may also browse through our latest job openings.

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Most In Demand IT Jobs

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We are often asked by Job seekers about future technologies and industry trends. There has been a rise in the technologies and products which are shaping the technology world. We wish we could see the future but based on the recent job trends and demands, we found the below technologies have great growth potentials

Cyber Security Engineer

With an increasingly connected world, the number of security threats online has also grown a lot. Organisations are heavily investing to protect customer and enterprise data secure. Cyber security engineers are employed to protect database and networking systems from any cyber-attacks and hackers.

Automation Specialist

The last decade has seen a massive rise in Automation, bots, and machine learning applications. A lot of effort has been on seamless integration across the systems and platforms. The software which uses the bot for performing this automation is called the RPA software. Some of the top automation solutions are provided by Blue Prism, UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Pega, Kofax, Softomotive.

AI/Machine Learning Engineer

AI (artificial intelligence) machines and systems will develop the ability to learn and utilise existing knowledge. There has been a lot of focus on AI from Software giants and service organisations. Considering a lot of products and our daily lives will be driven by AI, it is safe to assume that machine learning will remain an in-demand skill for the foreseeable future. Some of the prominent players are Google Cloud ML Engine, Amazon Machine Learning (AML), 10. Apple’s Core ML.

Cloud Engineer

With an increasing number of applications and systems to be moving to Cloud,  there has been an unprecedented number of engineers required to install, maintenance, design, and planning Cloud systems for the organisation.  Some of the leading Cloud products are AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, There are many specialisations within Cloud Engineer responsibilities.

  • Cloud Security Engineer
  • Systems Engineer (Cloud)
  • Cloud Developer
  • Cloud Architect
  • Network Engineer (Cloud)

Data Scientists and Data Engineers

With increased data from CRM, Social media, and transactions and searches, there is more data to churn than ever before. Business intelligence solutions have been are tasked with collecting data from various sources and then helping organisations to make sense of customer behaviours, market trends, efficiency or even identifying the problem areas. Data Scientists are instrumental to make sense of the matrix of data available. Data engineers help to consume and produce data digestible chunks of data and translating them into insight. There is a great demand among Financials institutes, Utilities, Government and other large transaction companies.

User Experience Champions

With an increasing focus on information and data consumption, Companies are vouching to customers across multiple channels, websites, mobile apps, social media, etc.  It becomes critical to provide a seamless user experience with ease of use. User experience designers work hand in hand with technical developers to deliver these concepts.

We would like to hear from you on your journey to seeking your dream job and also on how you prepare for your job hunts. If you are looking out for your next opportunity, I would love to hear from you. Follow our LinkedIn page for industry news and the latest job opportunities. Also, you can reach out to us at or call us on 0434189909.

If Contract Roles are Right For You?

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Job seekers often ask us if they should take a contract role. Especially when they compare their annual salaries with the “potential” earning with daily rates.

So we wanted to share this little article to highlight what to consider when you are deciding to pick your contract assignment

This morning we did a quick search on “Seek” to see to understand the job dynamics (leave nothing for popular assumptions ;-)).

Total Permanent open jobs 108,137

Total Contract open jobs 27,007

So roughly 20% of all open jobs are contract opportunities. So we can safely assume out of everyone out five calls from recruiters will be about a Contract role.

And if you have not been regularly contracting, you might have some of these common concerns.

Common Concerns

Job Security

With two weeks official notice, it’s daunting to imagine when you start on a 6-month contract, you could be out of a job by the end of the first month. We know this is an extreme view, though a real possibility due to changes in project priorities.

Employee Engagement and Career Progression

Unlike permanent roles, you are usually not part of the regular performance cycle. You might be going through reviews cycles, but usually, there is little or no focus on your career development by the employer. Growth within an organization is also minimal as a contractor.

The Pressure to Perform

You are hired to deliver a specific task or responsibility; hence, you will join the project right when you are needed. This situation will require you to be on top of your game, i.e., quickly pick up the project dynamics, technology, and deliverables to get going. Hence it is essential to understand your role, responsibilities, deliverables, timeline, and support you can expect.

Holiday / Leave

Especially for a shorter contract, there is barely any room for long leaves so its important to discuss your planned leave before your onboarding. 

Why contracting could be right for you:

Challenging Assignments

New work environment, a challenging assignment will often help you bring your best. Hence it could be a pleasant change from your regular stable job without little or no challenges.

Be Part of Larger Network

You’ll be able to work with employers, roles, teams, and individuals this will allow you to broaden your professional network

Greater Flexibility

You can always pick your assignment, and based on your interest and opportunities, move to your next role. You can plan your holidays and other commitment with ease.

Greater Payout

Contractors usually get paid higher and tax benefits when you are working as a contractor. Daily rates are higher due to eminent.

On average, you would expect 25% or more hike in take-home pay compared to a permanent employee. So if you are working on Contract assignments you can feasibly be unemployed for three months of the year and still earn the same total amount as a permanent employee over 12 months. 

Contracting can offer attractive daily rates, but in many ways, that greater earning potential is down to your flexibility, ability to excel in these challenging environments, and networking skills.

We are sharing a few tools to compare your permanent and Contractor salary and tax advantages.

Salary comparison so see what will be payout benefits working as Contractor

Getting started to work a Contractor

Employee or contractor – tax and super obligations compared—what-s-the-difference/Employee-or-contractor—tax-and-super-obligations-compared/

Preparation for Telephonic Interview

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With our busy schedules and avoiding the inconvenience of travel and face to face interview arrangements. More and more Employers are using telephone interviews to screen candidates to narrow the pool of applicants who will be invited for in-person interviews.
Since agencies and employers usually receive a large number of applications. Also, many of the candidates can look very similar in their resume. So use of phone interviews for preliminary screening. This allows employers to identify the basic ingredients they have been looking for in a candidate. helps to narrow down the pool of talent prior to bringing in potential candidates for face-to-face interviews.
Here are five phone interview tips for making your phone interview a success.

Eliminate Distractions

Turn off the TV, sit down and have all your phone interview preparation material handy. You need to concentrate a little more during a phone interview so make sure you create or are in a quiet environment. Turn off call-waiting and other notifications so that your call isn’t interrupted.

Keep your Resume Handy

Keep your resume close and remember to revisit your projects, challenges, and highlights. They will help to clearly answer all the questions related to your prior experiences and highlight any relevant achievements.

Do your Research

Research new employer and the project from the Job description, make notes of questions, you would like to ask about the role, responsibility, deliverable and team you will be working with.

Speak Clearly

To be sure the interviewer can hear you, ensure you speak directly into the phone or headset. Let the interviewer finish speaking before responding to his/her questions. Be sure to keep it personal and as natural as you are speaking to them in person. tone in your voice will come across as energetic and positive.

A little bit of preparation goes a long way. We hope this blog was useful to you.

We would like to hear about your experiences with telephonic interviews. If you are looking out for your next opportunity, I would love to hear from you. Follow our LinkedIn page for industry news and the latest job opportunities. Also, you can reach out to us at or call us on 0434189909.

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Perks of Joining & Attending Meetups

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Have you heard of Meetup? If you’re not utilising Meetup to your full advantage, then you’re missing out on excellent opportunity to network and boost your visibility to the larger employers, recruiters and peers who would lie you to work with them.

With over 45 million users globally Meetup is sure a melting pot for networking, hobbies and interest groups.  In Australia  alone there are thousands of Meetup groups and as member you can join as many you can.  So how can you

  • Setup Your Profile: Your Meetup profile will be searchable on search engines, like Google, so it’s important to keep this page as professional as you would your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.  It’s update your profile to become more visible to recruiters and employers by using relevant keywords that relate to your skills, experience and industry
  • Connect Locally: Join Meetup group relevant for your skill/interest

And the most important part is networking for these events. The usual networking courtesy and rules apply for most Meetup events, however some of these meetups might have specific engagement rules, so pay attention and prepare.

Carry your LinkedIn profile ready to connect: Ensure your LinkedIn and social profiles are easy to search and find or simply use LinkedIn QR Code.

Its about networking and not sales: Prepared with questions and topics to discuss for your meetup.

Follow up and connect: Meetups have a “Good to see you” feature and you can also request to connect on LinkedIn or to exchange emails so that you both can keep in touch beyond the Meetup group.

We would like to hear from you on your journey to seeking your dream job and also on how you prepare for your job hunts.If you are looking out for your next opportunity, I would love to hear from you. Follow our LinkedIn page for industry news and latest job opportunities. Also, you can reach out to us at or call me at 0434189909.

Are you invisible to the recruiters ?

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Blog by Avani Deshpande

Zone IT Solutions Avani

Innovation in technology is changing the world as we know about it. Nevertheless, whether it’s for the better is a long way from being clearly valid; in any case, we must integrate it in our work to keep up with it and we ought to change.

Today recruitment is not only limited to Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter. Having a social presence is the need of the hour, showcasing what you have done, or what you can do with the skillsets you have is what matters most. Definitely, through these groups, the recruiter can get connected to many prospective candidates who are in the market and waiting for the right opportunity.

No alt text provided for this image

Searching resumes matching the job profile can be done through google resume search, indeed resume search or seek talent search. While resume predominantly explains what’s your role, project experience, skillsets, etc.  It might be trickier to find candidates on some sites because people don’t always include their jobs and skills on their profiles. But, as a recruiter, using Boolean search operators with the keywords help to get the closest match to what you are looking. Using specific skills sets and location, education, current, and past jobs and interests.

No alt text provided for this image

Online presence of your work, network and endorsements are equally important. Your social network, LinkedIn, Facebook and meetups described the sort of people you have worked with and outlines your experience. Ensure your Linkedin profile has “Open to opportunity” option on, so that recruiters can find you. Ensure your contact details are up to date and keep an eye on LinkedIn invites and respond to them timely.

No alt text provided for this image

Talking about AI:

There are so many resumes that need to be tailor-made for every job. Thus, the recruiter has to scan through them to find the exact match to the job posted. Manually screening still plays a major role in the recruiter’s job. However, apart from manual screening, recruitment specialists have started to utilize technology to make their recruitment process simpler, quicker, and better. Today, AI is the new theme for recruitments. The role of AI is to improve the quality of hiring by matching the candidate’s skills, knowledge and experience to the role in question. It has also proven to be quite cost-effective.

There are platforms where a specific tech community where they can showcase their work and projects related information for others to learn and get connected. Like Github–a place for developers, where they can manage projects, host codes, build software etc. Their details are updated with their names, email address, employer, website etc: The recruiter has to just type in the details he is looking for and there is a big list of the work uploaded to the date.

No alt text provided for this image

Whereas Stackoverflow is a question-answer site for professionals to get connected to their work. So basically, the person who is answering these questions on codes etc is also being noticed making him proficient and getting up-votes in the job he does.

Also increasingly employers are asking for online technical assessment tests. This helps the selection and recruitment process easier and quicker.

Even though Recruiters and hiring managers will do their best to keep you posted about your application status, the candidate should also do a timely follow up to ensure the recruiters understand their interest.

If things don’t go your way, there is always the next time. But this will also give you an opportunity to improve your social presence.

I would like to hear from you on your journey to seeking your dream job and also on how you prepare for your job hunts.

If you are looking out for your next opportunity, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to connect to me on LinkedIn. Also, you can reach out to me at or call me at 0402898764.

Follow our LinkedIn page for industry news and latest job opportunities.