Building a strong candidate-recruiter relationship

You spend hours and even days crafting the perfect CV, writing the ultimate cover letter, finding the perfect vacancy and applying for a dream job. Eventually days and months pass by with the entire job seeking process seeming daunting and overwhelming with no idea on what went wrong. But when you partner with the right recruiter, you are sorted for your next career move and the entire journey will seem positive and exciting. Recruitment is a human activity- its success relies heavily on relationship building to get the best possible outcome. An experienced recruiter can be your best advocate to the client representing your niche skillset, negotiating your expected compensation and proposing your fit for the project.

An Insider’s View

Many positions are not openly advertised by companies on their websites. Recruiters are well connected to hiring managers of reputed companies and are able to get those positions not open to the public. Since hiring managers trust them to fill those unique roles with specific requirement, this liaison is reason enough for you to network with a recruiter.

Moreover, recruiters can help you prepare for the interview by providing specific insights into the company objectives, expectations of the hiring manager and client partner alike. They can provide interview tips before the big day to make you effective and provide detailed information about the project to ensure it is aligned with your career goals.

Establish a Rapport

A recruiter-candidate relationship doesn’t have to be completely formal and transactional. You can always inject a bit of fun and add a humanly touch to it. Personalise your introductions on LinkedIn than just sending a connection request. Conversations are most effective as recruiters are busy people. So pick up the phone, introduce yourself and explain how you are a good fit for the role they have just advertised. Don’t shy away from catching up over a quick coffee with your recruiter. This helps you to garner their attention, present yourself in the best possible way and ensure that they remember you for the next job opportunity that may arise.

Don’t Burn your Bridges

I have often observed candidates cutting out all lines of communication from the recruiter after the initial interview or at the time of offer. The reasons vary from securing a new position elsewhere or no more finding the position enticing. Such ghosting creates an impression for the recruiter and clients that you are no longer trustworthy. In the long run, this not only hampers your reputation as a job seeker but also sabotages your chances of getting any potential roles from the recruiter.

Keep your recruiter in the loop with any changes in your circumstances be it a holiday planned, changes in contact details or your job search situation. Consider recruiters as your long term trusted advisors and partners in career. They are as much invested in your career as you. They are the ones you can turn to anytime for an overview of the job market, salary insights, certifications in demand, latest technology trends and upskilling advice.

Having your Best Interest in Mind

After your initial application for a role, it might be frustrating to not hear back from a recruiter or be left in the dark. But isn’t it worth waiting for the best role than to be put forward for a mediocre one. Recruiters always have your best interest at heart and want to you to succeed as much as you do. They have a lot of background work to do from assessing your skills and experience to matching them to the client’s requirements. It takes time for them to pitch you to the client and get interviews scheduled. You need to be patient and trust them to find them the perfect job. You should know that recruiters are always accessible on phone, emails and social media and reach out to them for any concerns. After all, the recruitment process is all about balancing a candidate’s interests to a company’s needs and find the right people for the right role.

Reap the Benefits

The recruitment and hiring process is one giant maze in which the candidates often get lost. When done alone, it will be difficult for a candidate to reach out to all the employers seeking a perfect fit for their company. With the help and support of a recruiter, it is easier to navigate through. By building a relationship with a recruiter, you gain insight into potential career opportunities and interim advice that can help you progress in your career. The greatest benefit of candidate-recruiter relationship is the candidate getting the right job and for the recruiter satisfying their candidates and clients alike.

A good candidate-recruiter relationship is not just about filling one particular position but a long-term partnership to boost your career potential. Build and nurture that relationship for a perfect, satisfying and successful professional career. We at Zone IT Solutions are heavily invested in building candidate relationships, engaging them in the recruitment process and giving them the care they deserve. We believe in putting the human back in the hiring and recruitment process and establishing a sincere connection with candidates to fulfill their career needs. If you are an IT professional considering a move or exploring your options in the IT market, reach out to me today for a confidential chat on +61 432128752 or you may also browse through our website for the latest job openings.

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