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  • It's my passion for Technology and HR that motivated me to start Zone IT Solutions. At Zone IT Solutions, we enable organisations to focus on their business where we provide them the best talent available in the market and, in some cases, help them train to get the best we can prepare. We are proud of our association and the value we create for our customers. Our agile, agnostic, and flexible solutions will help you source the IT expertise you need with a creative approach to solutions. I have helped Customers and Partners realize the potential of SAP HCM, SuccessFactors, and Self Services Solutions for the last 15+ years. I aim at offering flexible, efficient, and collaborative solutions to any organisation that requires technology experts.

    Specialization: Technology and Human Resource
  • Ananya Ayasha

    Ananya Ayasha

    Account Manager

    As a dedicated Account Manager with a decade in the vibrant realm of recruitment, I specialise in nurturing enduring client bonds and bridging elite talent with unparalleled career prospects. Roles and Responsibilities: - Identify and engage potential candidates through various channels, including job boards, social media, referrals, and networking. - Nurture and sustain robust partnerships with our client base. - Serve as the primary liaison between clients and our team, diving deep to understand their organisational culture, hiring requirements, and long-term goals. - Regularly communicate with clients to provide updates on the recruitment process and discuss strategies for achieving their staffing goals.

    Specialization: SAP, Quality Assurance/Test Engineers, Technical Program/Product/Project Managers.
  • Erum Irfan

    Erum Irfan

    Account Manager

    I am a seasoned Account Manager with a knack for building and nurturing strong client relationships. With a proven track record in identifying top IT talent, I am also skilled in overseeing the end-to-end recruitment process to ensure a seamless hiring experience for clients and candidates.

    Specialization: I have a comprehensive understanding of the entire recruitment life-cycle.
  • Aayushi Jain

    Aayushi Jain

    Associate Account Manager

    As an Associate Account Manager, I specialise in nurturing strong, enduring client relationships. My responsibility is to ensure seamless communication between stakeholders, manage essential account documentation, and diligently track the progress of ongoing projects. I take pride in resolving client concerns effectively, ensuring their satisfaction and contributing to the project's overall success. In addition to client management, my skill set extends to end-to-end recruitment, making me a versatile asset to the team. I am committed to ensuring not just client satisfaction but also operational efficiency.

    Specialization: IIS, MTS, VC++, PL/ SQL, Data Warehousing / Business Intelligence Informatica.
  • Mamta Verma

    Mamta Verma

    Associate Account Manager

    As an experienced recruiter in the IT technology sector, I am thrilled to join this team and continue our successful partnership, which has already spanned 4.5 years. Building winning teams for our clients is my primary responsibility, and I am passionate about all things related to Cloud, Data, and the digital realm. My expertise lies in efficiently managing talent, sourcing and screening candidates skillfully, and deploying top-tier professionals throughout Australia. I am dedicated to finding the right talent to drive success in this dynamic industry.

    Specialization: Talent Delivery
  • Utkarsh Arora

    Utkarsh Arora

    Senior Recruitment Consultant

    I graduated with an MBA in HR. My roles and responsibilities at Zone IT Solutions include delivering talent across digital, data technologies for Australia and New Zealand. With a keen eye for identifying the best candidates, I actively contribute to the success of organisations by connecting them with the right individuals who can make a significant impact.

    Specialization: Business Analyst, Project Managers, Digital Delivery Team
  • Rima Mascarenhas

    Rima Mascarenhas

    Recruitment Consultant

    With my expertise in candidate evaluation and selection, I play a vital role in identifying the most qualified candidates for our clients. Through meticulous resume screening and assessing candidates' skills and qualifications, I ensure we find the right talent to meet our company's needs and drive our success. My attention to detail and excellent communication skills helps me to contribute to a seamless and effective hiring process.

    Specialization: Experienced in hiring for various technologies like Java, Python, SQL, ML, AEM, JS, SDET, .Net (to name a few).
  • Abirami Ashokan

    Abirami Ashokan

    Recruitment Consultant

    I am a skilled recruitment consultant proficient in screening resumes, conducting phone screenings, and sourcing top talent. With expertise in job description development, team building, and global talent acquisition, I excel in delivering exceptional results. My strong communication, analytical, and reporting abilities contribute to a smooth and efficient recruitment process. I am passionate about matching suitable candidates with the right opportunities and driving the success of organisations.

    Specialization: Screening
  • Sarabjeet Kaur

    Sarabjeet Kaur

    Recruitment Consultant

    In my role, I specialise in engaging and nurturing targeted talent pools, focusing on building trustworthy and healthy relationships. I am dedicated to developing and implementing strategic initiatives to recruit diverse talents. Additionally, I excel in researching, identifying, and generating potential job candidates.

    Specialization: Focused on all IT Technologies like Frontend, Backend, Full stack, .Net, Java, DevOps, QA, Salesforce, Designers, BI, BA, SAP, cloud, etc.
  • Shivangi Dewang

    Shivangi Dewang

    Associate Recruitment Consultant

    I am a Technical Recruiter with a background in Human Resource Management. As a highly-driven and self-motivated individual, I possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills, enabling me to connect effectively with and understand people. I am passionate about learning and staying updated with the latest industry trends. My expertise lies in various areas of HR, including employee engagement, sourcing, screening, recruitment activities, onboarding, interview coordination, and HR operations. I strive to create engaging and inclusive workplaces by matching the right talent with the right opportunities.

    Specialization: Screening
  • Neetasha Sharma

    Neetasha Sharma

    Associate Recruitment Consultant

    As an Associate Recruitment Consultant at Zone IT Solutions, I bring over 3+ years of valuable experience in the field of recruitment, coupled with a strong IT background. My expertise lies in sourcing, recruiting, and effectively connecting talented individuals with opportunities within the IT industry. With a passion for helping clients achieve their long-term strategies, I primarily serve clients in the banking, insurance, utility, telecommunication, and government sectors. Roles and Responsibilities include: - Developing a thorough understanding of technical job specifications. - Assessing candidate fit by conducting interviews, analysing feedback, cross-referencing references, and juxtaposing candidate skills with job necessities while facilitating salary discussions. - Promoting job opportunities across various platforms, including job boards, social media, and career-oriented websites.

    Specialization: Digital technologies
  • Vaibhav Sharma

    Vaibhav Sharma

    Lead Sourcing Consultant

    With over 7 years of recruitment experience and an IT background, I am a Senior Sourcing Specialist at Zone IT Solutions. My job role includes: • Networking across a wide range of IT skills and domains, and • Sourcing & connecting talent with opportunities.

    Specialization: Focus on helping clients operating in the banking, insurance, utility, telecom, and government sectors.
  • Srishti Nagi

    Srishti Nagi

    Sourcing Consultant

    I am a hard-working and passionate Sourcing Consultant at Zone IT Solutions with excellent interpersonal skills and a keen interest in talent acquisition and employee engagement. My area of focus includes: • To research, identify and generate potential job candidates • To network with them and build a robust talent pipeline

    Specialization: I am an expert in sourcing profiles from LinkedIn,, and internal databases.
  • Vishal Gupta

    Vishal Gupta

    Senior Sourcing Consultant

    I'm presently working at Zone IT Solutions as a Digital Content Creator and Technical Sourcing Consultant. My roles and responsibilities include: • Sourcing, Recruiting profiles for all technical positions, and • Providing administration support to the sourcing team.

    Specialization: Expert in sourcing profiles from LinkedIn,, and internal databases.
  • Jyotsna Gupta

    Jyotsna Gupta

    Sourcing Consultant

    With great enthusiasm and passion, I have joined this dynamic team to contribute my expertise in identifying and attracting top-tier talent. My role as a sourcing consultant allows me to utilise innovative strategies and leverage cutting-edge tools to uncover hidden talent gems, ensuring our clients receive the best possible candidates for their unique requirements. I believe that successful recruitment goes beyond filling vacancies; it's about creating meaningful matches that benefit both candidates and clients. By leveraging innovative strategies and cutting-edge tools, I aim to deliver exceptional results and make a positive impact on both sides of the equation.

    Specialization: Sourcing
  • Krupa Deshpande

    Krupa Deshpande

    Service Delivery Coordinator

    As a Service Delivery Coordinator, I specialise in sourcing new profiles to our database. My responsibilities include identifying a qualified talent pool to meet our client's requirements, managing the Delivery of these profiles to our clients and handling the subsequent follow-up activities. My area of focus includes: 1. Implementing sourcing strategies 2. Identifying potential candidates through diverse social media platforms 3. Ensuring timely delivery of candidate profiles 4. Managing the profile delivery process

    Specialization: Expert in sourcing profiles from LinkedIn, Github,, and the company's internal database.
  • Ritika Kushwaha

    Ritika Kushwaha

    Associate HR Partner

    I am an experienced Associate HR Partner with over 2+ years of experience in the IT Industry. I have built a reputation for effectively resolving problems and creating streamlined processes that increase efficiency and elevate department performance. As a natural leader, I am committed to contributing to team success using my robust organisational skills and meticulous attention to detail. My responsibilities include Client Management, Portal Uploads, Scheduling Interviews, and Document Maintenance, all while adhering to compliance standards and maintaining high levels of employee satisfaction.

    Specialization: Candidate relationship management, effective and timely communication.
  • Laxmi Kumari

    Laxmi Kumari

    Associate Service Delivery Coordinator

    I have a Master's degree in Human Resources. At Zone IT, I expertly manage and organise client delivery with our diligent recruitment team. My role encompasses many responsibilities, from coordinating candidate interviews and scheduling with clients to liaising closely with recruiters to ensure we meet our delivery times promptly. I am the connecting link, making sure everything runs like clockwork. Maintaining accurate trackers and data about team submissions and client interactions is essential to my job. As a result, we gain a comprehensive understanding of our operations, which helps us make informed decisions. I aim to optimise our processes and ensure client satisfaction by expertly blending my business education with my practical experience.

    Specialization: Service Delivery

VIC Labour Licence: VICLHL01738