Senior Recruitment Consultant

Summary of your experience:

With over 6+ years’ experience across a number of industries, with a particular interest and experience in digital organizations, I am a commercial HR executive who can both design and execute strategic plans that match and enable an organization’s strategy as well as lead organizations through significant periods of change. This experience is complemented by strong and inspiring leadership of large and small HR teams, across multiple aspects of the profession.

Your current role with Zone IT and areas of focus

You're a current role with Zone IT and areas of focus:

I am and currently working as an Account Manager at Zone IT Solutions. I am passionate about Enterprise applications, Oracle, MS Dynamics.Microsoft Technologies :NET, C++,C#, VB, ASP, IIS, MTS, VC++, PL / SQL. Data warehousing / Business Intelligence Informatica, BO, OBIEE, Datastage

Personal hobbies, interesting facts, achievements, and passion:

I’m passionate about organisations that have a strong purpose, allowing for genuine leadership to enable success.