Reasons your resume might not be working

Did you ever get a feeling that you spent hours of effort to draft a perfect resume, and despite making several applications, you are still waiting for your interview call?

The job market is highly competitive, and your resume is against many other job seekers. Since your resume is all Hiring managers get to see at first, a few simple checks can ensure your resume gets the attention it deserves.

1. Your Cover Letter is missing the Charm

While the relevance of cover letters is debatable, many job applications still ask for them. Including a cover letter that is easy to read and introduces your experience, skills, and relevance to the job is essential. Those few minutes will be worth your while, and hiring managers will be able to get an overview of your profile in less time.

2. Your Resume is not Tailored

Every job is unique, whether a technical request, domain experience, or project timeline. Your work experience, skills, and training may highlight why you believe you are “The One” for the job. There is always a fine line between highlighting a part of your experience and transforming your whole experience to align with the job description.

3. Your Resume is not Readable

It might be hard to put down your valuable 15 years of your experience into a 2-3 page resume. However, it is essential to know that recruiters and hiring managers take a short time to screen through a resume and decide if they want to shortlist for discussion. If your resume is not structured and does not mention experience, skills, and relevant details, your application will be effortless to be left behind.

4. Lack of Keywords

Your resume might need to be optimised for the job you’re applying for, meaning it may not include the keywords and phrases that recruiters and hiring managers look for.

5. Too Long or Too Short

Resumes that are too long can be overwhelming, while those that are too short may need to provide more information to make an impression.

6. Poor Formatting

A poorly formatted resume can be challenging to read and may not effectively showcase your skills and experience.

7. Typos and Grammatical Errors

Spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors can be seen as a lack of attention to detail and can detract from your qualifications.

Plenty of resume templates are available for download on the internet, and you can find a lot of guidance. You can use a Free online resume builder to create a perfect resume in minutes. A few minutes of carefully prepared resume can make a difference between no feedback to your next interview call. You can check out a few platforms, such as Zety, Canva, Novoresume, and, to see and apply for jobs today!

Happy Job Hunting !!

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