Strategies for Bouncing Back Amid Industry Layoffs

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, layoffs have become unfortunate for many industries. Economic downturns, technological advancements, and shifts in consumer behaviour can all contribute to companies downsizing and letting go of valuable employees. However, it’s essential to remember that setbacks can also provide personal and professional growth opportunities. This blog post will explore… Continue reading Strategies for Bouncing Back Amid Industry Layoffs

Permanent vs. Contract Role

When looking for employment, there are two main types of roles: permanent vs. contract. Both offer advantages and disadvantages, and the decision between them can be a significant factor in one’s career trajectory. Contracting over the past decade has become increasingly popular among skilled workers. 2023 is a year of change, and Australians are more… Continue reading Permanent vs. Contract Role

Moonlighting- An Ethical Issue or Need of the Hour

Do you wonder what all the fuss is about when you hear the phrase “Moonlighting”? If so, let’s discuss moonlighting. Working for one company while simultaneously taking on extra responsibilities and jobs, usually without the knowledge of the primary employer, is known as Moonlighting. The so-called side jobs are typically completed on the weekends or… Continue reading Moonlighting- An Ethical Issue or Need of the Hour

How Job Seekers Can Evaluate a Company’s Workplace Culture

Organisational cultures differ from company to company. According to career and hiring experts, it is crucial to consider while searching for a job. Job seekers can be miserable working for an organisation that doesn’t suit their skills or interests. They soon find themselves on the job market again—either because they couldn’t stand the workplace culture… Continue reading How Job Seekers Can Evaluate a Company’s Workplace Culture

Returning to work soon?

As many regions around the globe start to open up again, people will gradually begin to go back to working in their offices, hoping the worst is behind us. However, for most companies, returning to work will not mean a return to normal. Many employees feel confused, stressed, and anxious over the changes around them… Continue reading Returning to work soon?

How to Handle Job Rejection – The Right Way

We have all been there, the dreaded rejection letter, email, or phone call. Being turned down for a job sucks, especially when you don’t know why your application got rejected or when you’ll finally land one. The reality is you will be rejected way more than you will be the candidate chosen for the job.… Continue reading How to Handle Job Rejection – The Right Way

8 ways to attract Recruiters

If you’re thinking about a job change, there’s a decent possibility you’ll work with executive headhunters or executive recruiters. These experts are gateways to opportunities since they evaluate talent to recommend to their clients (i.e. the companies with employment opportunities). In your quest for the job of your dreams, consider these eight tips to attract executive… Continue reading 8 ways to attract Recruiters

Employee Experience and Onboarding

After effective recruitment and selection, the first day of an employee’s job typically involves running around various departments to complete the onboarding process. When new employees join in, aligning them to the business goals, introducing them to their roles, and engaging them well becomes daunting. A smooth employee experience with the onboarding process allows a new… Continue reading Employee Experience and Onboarding

Job interview follow-up etiquettes

Being interviewed by executive recruiters and getting noticed are the first steps to securing your dream job. After a job interview, the long wait begins. You think everything went well. The interviewer complimented your tailored resume, laughed at your small joke, and promised to get back to you ASAP. After a week has passed, you start… Continue reading Job interview follow-up etiquettes

5 Potential Red Flags in Job Posting

Are you looking for your next career move?  Hunting for a job can be tricky sometimes. Long waiting times can lead applicants—with bills to pay—to grow increasingly impatient and adopt a rather desperate mindset. This desperation can be dangerous, as it sometimes causes applicants to abandon their common good judgment and ignore warning signals—colloquially known… Continue reading 5 Potential Red Flags in Job Posting

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