How Job Seekers Can Evaluate a Company’s Workplace Culture

No two companies are exactly alike, and likewise, no organizational cultures are identical. Failing to consider it is a huge job search mistake, career and hiring experts say. Job seekers risk taking a job with an organization that doesn’t suit them, being miserable. They soon find themselves on the job market again—either because they couldn’t stand… Continue reading How Job Seekers Can Evaluate a Company’s Workplace Culture

Returning to work soon?

As many regions around Australia and the globe start to open up again, people will gradually begin to go back to working in their offices with hopes that the worst is behind us. However, for most companies, returning to work will not mean a return to normal. Many employees feel confused, stressed, and anxious over… Continue reading Returning to work soon?

How to bounce back from rejection

Rejection sucks The reality is you will be rejected way more than you will be the candidate chosen for the job. While it is something you cannot avoid, it’s difficult not to fall into feelings of disappointment and dejection when it happens. It leads to much despair and lack of self-confidence on our part, and… Continue reading How to bounce back from rejection

Five ways to get noticed by Executive Recruiters

If you’re thinking about a job change, there’s a decent possibility you’ll work with recruiters or executive recruiters. These experts are gateways to opportunities since they evaluate talent to recommend to their clients (who are the companies with employment opportunities); thus, they can be fundamental to your pursuit of landing that dream job. Working with… Continue reading Five ways to get noticed by Executive Recruiters

Employee Experience and Onboarding

After effective recruitment and selection, an employee’s first day, in most organizations, is spent running around various departments, ensuring that the onboarding process is fulfilled. When new employees join in, the task of aligning them to the business goals, introducing them to their roles, and engaging them well becomes a daunting task altogether. A smooth… Continue reading Employee Experience and Onboarding

Proper interview follow-up etiquettes

After a job interview, the long wait begins. You think everything went well. The interviewer complimented your well-put resume, laughed at your small joke about the GDP, and promised to get back to you ASAP. A week passes, though, and you’re not sure what to think. When and how should you follow up about a… Continue reading Proper interview follow-up etiquettes

5 Potential Red Flags in Job Posting

Are you looking to take the next step in your career?  Hunting for a job can be a tricky business. Long waiting times can lead applicants—with bills to pay—to grow increasingly impatient and adopt a rather desperate mindset. This desperation can be dangerous, as it sometimes causes applicants to abandon their common good judgment and… Continue reading 5 Potential Red Flags in Job Posting

Switching Jobs Internally

When you first started applying for jobs, did you already know what exactly you wanted to do? For those few of you who did, we are all jealous. And for those of us who haven’t quite figured it out, don’t fret — it makes sense that you don’t have your full career path mapped out yet. Every… Continue reading Switching Jobs Internally

Finding the Right Job in a COVID era

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, then build a door ” – Milton Berle Job hunting can be a daunting prospect, whether you just graduated with a degree or looking for a new job or a career. An added layer of stress comes with ongoing uncertainty with COVID and a larger impact on the economy. In today’s… Continue reading Finding the Right Job in a COVID era

#CandidateConnect Stories – Our Experience

Several reports around the world emphasise the extent of women’s contribution to the workforce and how they are of economic importance. On the other hand, women in IT face multiple challenges, be it looking for better opportunities, gender bias, career break,  and these need to be addressed. Having one on one conversation with the candidates… Continue reading #CandidateConnect Stories – Our Experience

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